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If you can plan for it,
We can make it happen!

What Is This All About?

It is about meeting your PLANNED NEEDS or PROJECTS.

Your need(s) could vary, from paying for new accommodation or renewing your rent, paying school fees, footing your wedding bills, or burial expenses.

Also, your need may include purchasing a new car or a landed property, or better still, starting up a new business. Whatever your needs or projects are, we are here to help you actualize them.

How Do I Start?

Here are a few things you need to get started:

1. Decide what PROJECTS or NEEDS you want to meet.

2. Decide WHEN you want this project/need met. When do you need it? This is important because the longer time you have, the lesser you will spend for the project/need.

For instance, if you need N1,000,000 to start a new business, there are 3 options for you:

    1. Plan for 3 months (short term), and spend 75% of the cost (i.e, N750, 000)
    2. Plan for 6 months (our recommended term), and spend only 50% of the cost (i.e, N500, 000) or
    3. Plan for 12 months (long term), and spend only 25% of the cost (i.e, N250, 000)

Whichever option you choose above, you will have N1, 000, 000 to start your business at the end of the term you opted for.

3. Provide a valid means of IDENTIFICATION (like National ID, Voter’s card, Driver’s license, etc), a functional BANK ACCOUNT, an EMAIL account, and a PHONE NUMBER.

4. Click APPLY or SUBSCRIBE button. You can call us on 07033543174 or visit our office at 3 AGUDAMA STREET, DLINE, PORT HARCOURT for more inquiries.

5. If you complete the above process, your application will be reviewed and approved. You will then be required to specify the NEED you want to meet, WHEN you will need it, and HOW MUCH it will cost.

6. Your subscription will be valid and activated when you pay part of the cost of the project/need you specified. Your payment will vary between 25%, 50%, or 75% of the cost of your need, ranging from the above options of 3, 6, or 12 months.

What happens next after I have paid for my subscription?

Relax! All activities about your subscription will be shown on your DASHBOARD. Follow us as we work diligently to deliver your desired VALUE as at when due. You can also download or print out the contract summary from your DASHBOARD.

More inquiries? Please call the admin on 07033543174. We will be glad to hear from you.

How to Subscribe

We leverage on your subscription to ensure your planned needs are met as at when due.

The process is simple:

  1. Apply through any of the links.
  2. Wait a few hours to get an email for approval.
  3. Login to your dashboard with the details sent to your email and verify your identity.
  4. Pay the required subscription for your specified need(s)
  5. Done!

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you subscribe with is decided by you and is subject to the value of the services you are subscribing for. Generally, you subscribe with 50% of the value of your desired service.

The recommended duration is 6 months. However, our fluid model allows you to choose more or less than six months.

Yes. We reward referrals handsomely. Please note, your referrals do not automatically grant you access to our services.

You can cancel your subscription any time should you have a reason to discontinue. Your money will be refunded in 14 working days.

You may need to visit our office or call our customer care to guide you on how to subscribe.

No. A functional bank account is a basic requirement to subscribe to any of our services.

Yes. We have a provision for those unable to pay their subscription once, to do so in 2 or 3 installments. This option particularly applies to civil servants.

Yes, if you intend to roll over your subscription for another term. Otherwise, the “Current value” of your subscription will be credited to your bank account the moment your subscription term is due.

Your money is safe because it is in safe hands. Nexgene Media and Infotech has been in business for over 7 years with established expertise in cloud infrastructure for web hosting, Edutech (School Management System), Software/app development, ERPs for health and hospitality industries, etc

We are a duly registered company with CAC and operate our accounts with reputable banks in Nigeria. Our team members are real and verifiable and our office is accessible at all times.

Besides, the money you gave us is insured against fraud, dishonesty, or theft.

First, we are driven by the passion and the urgency of the problems we want to solve. Our services are tailored to the needs that are glaring around us. So, we are primarily satisfied by the fact that our subscribers’ needs are met.

However, we do not keep the money you gave us on the table, we put it to work in the terrains we are very familiar with. We are convinced that the TIME you allowed us to profitably engage the fund at our disposal is enough to raise the value of the need you target.

No. Our contract ends once your need is met, unless  you wish to renew your subscription for a fresh project.

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