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Nexgene Synergia is a technology-driven value chain company focused on enabling the majority of Africans meet their basic needs conveniently. Our goal is to create a locked flow of values through strategic synergy.


We Create More with Less

NEXGENE SYNERGIA creates values through direct participation in a wide range of viable ventures like Edutech, Telecom, Web Technologies, Financial Instrument Derivatives, Real Estate, Energy,  and Agriculture ; we turn these assets into cash.

At NEXGENE SYNERGIA, our experts get into more detail creative engagements in the open market for ready profits.

NEXGENE SYNERGIA prioritizes stability, transparency, long-term perspective, rigorous risk management, cost-effectiveness and best practice.

Our Team

We are closely knitted, clear and focused professionals.
We understand the demands of the vision and are passionately committed to them.

Onuh Cedric


Cedric Mary


Momodu Gideon


Gideon Nseobong


Laya Richard


Tortor Tekenah


Value Propositions

We are guided by what we believe


We will always derive strength in the originality and genuineness of what we do, even though our propositions may be identical to many others. 

We understand the limits of individuality and so strive at all times to share what we have and share from what others have to offer.

For us, nothing can replace this age long maxim. We believe that success in not an event but a process.

We appreciate the fact that the needs and perceptions of people vary to a large extent. So, we have built a fluid approach into our services without compromising standards.

We are extremely optimistic at all times. This makes us approach every challenge with a million solutions in mind

We value the fact that trust is earned. So, delivering on terms is everything to us.

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